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Brinkley Group is a specialist management consultancy focusing on providing clients with support and advice in career management, workplace relations and strategy development. Our focus is to assist individuals or businesses to maximise opportunities, mitigate risks and achieve positive results.

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Management Consulting

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Career Management

Offering a range of tailored programs for businesses to support employees following restructures. Coaching and mentoring for individuals to achieve career goals or more effectively manage their career journey.

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Workplace Relations

Working with and advising employers in managing employment risks and developing strategies to address employee related problems. Coaching and supporting managers to become better leaders.

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Working with small to medium sized businesses to assist in the development of their business strategy (both short and medium term).

The Brinkley Group


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Our commitment is to developing strategies and delivering services in a manner which is:

  • timely
  • straightforward, realistic and practical
  • accurate
  • tailored specifically to our clients’ needs
  • affordable
  • professional and personable.


Achievement – We are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our clients
Relationship Building – We seek to establish and maintain strong working relationships that endure
Honesty – We believe that respect, trust and integrity are critical in everything we do


We are Queensland based, with an established network of highly experienced consultants across Australia who share our approach and values….Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. We welcome regional work in Queensland and have extensive experience adapting our strategies to address the very different challenges in these areas.

The Brinkley Group

Our Team

Kerry Brinkley

Director and Principal

A strategic thinker and effective communicator, Kerry has over 25 years’ experience in Industrial Relations and Strategic Human Resources. She has now combined this with more than 11 years in Career Management, Change Management (People), Career Transition and Coaching.

While operating her own business, she has successfully delivered advice and support to clients and individuals across a broad range of services to industries and organisations including Financial and Professional Services, Construction, Health, Charities and other NFPs.

More about Kerry

During this time, she has also enjoyed the opportunity to work with CEOs, Executives and Senior Managers in the capacity of ‘Trusted Advisor’ coaching and guiding them through challenging situations either within their businesses or assisting them to find purpose in their careers and demonstrate positive and effective leadership.

26 years’ Board experience complements Kerry’s human resource, industrial relations and career management background by allowing her to bring to the table a clear understanding of the drivers of business, good corporate governance principles and risk management.

Kerry is a Graduate and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a graduate of a 10 week Executive program at Harvard University sponsored by the JFK School of Government, The Graduate School of Education and the Law School of Harvard University.

National and Regional Partnerships

Brinkley Group engages a range of specialist consultants who are available to clients in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Regional areas within Queensland. The Group is also able to deliver advice, support and programs to clients across Australia via a Network of established Consultancies who share a commitment to professionalism, responsiveness and success for the client or individual.

The Brinkley Group

OptimiSing Business Performance

High performing, motivated and talented employees working in a collaborative and harmonious workplace are key to achieving business goals, minimising risk and reducing exposure to ‘churn’ within the workplace.


Values & Culture

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce. Importantly, a positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees at all levels.


Leadership – Coaching and Mentoring

Respected and successful leaders within a company or workplace demonstrate the ability to motivate, inspire and coach their teams to achieve both personal success while driving and delivering sustainable growth.


Managing Performance and Behaviours

Timely and well planned strategies for managing performance and behavioural issues within a workplace are essential to mitigating risks to the business and the impact on individuals and/or their colleagues.


Change Management (People)

A successful business will continue to evolve and pursue continuous improvement to ensure its continued growth. This may require restructuring within the workforce. Compliant, well planned and considered strategies with effective communication can minimise risks and the impact on employees.





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About Brinkley Group

Brinkley Group is a specialist management consultancy focusing on providing clients with support and advice in career management, workplace relations and strategy development and governance.